Credit Score & Decisioning Engine

Credit Intelligenceand Risk Mitigation

Improve lending decisions with Tendar's advanced tools for analyzing credit and assessing risks. Our platform ensures accuracy and reliability, making it easier for you to navigate all lending processes .

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Robust & Fundamental APIs

Improve decision-making with precise credit checks

Empower informed lending decisions through precise credit checks, ensuring risk mitigation and optimized loan offerings for users.

Risk Assessment

Assess borrowers' creditworthiness to manage and reduce lending risks.

Customized Offerings

Customize loan products and terms to meet each borrower's unique financial needs and abilities.

Boost portfolio performance

Lenders and financial institutions can reduce the risk of defaults, ultimately leading to lower default rates and better overall portfolio outcomes.

A complete suite of lending tools

Integrate our next-gen credit engine into your product without any hiccups. Save time, cut costs, and launch solutions your customers will love.

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Credit Score & Decisioning Engine

Tendar’s advanced credit score and decisioning engine analyzes credit history, employment status, income, and debt-to-income ratio to deliver precise risk assessments and decisions.


Simplified Credit Evaluation Solutions and Integrations

Enhance credit evaluation with our seamless credit scoring solution, by integrating credit bureaus for quick access to critical data. Expand your customer base by combining bureau insights with key metrics such as employment status, income, and cash flow.

Credit scoring for developers

We pride ourselves on being developer-friendly, offering adaptable lending building blocks tailored for developers.

Eligibility Check With Ease

Quickly assess if users qualify for a loan.

Set specific parameters to match your lending policies.

Get immediate results based on current data

Extend your offerings with our Ready-to-use tools

Enhance customer experience with pre-built modules for credit scoring, loan management and so much more. Grow your business without starting from scratch.

Buy Now, Pay Later Services

Empower your customers with flexible payment options using Tendar’s BNPL SDK. Seamlessly integrate our advanced BNPL solution into your site or app, letting customers choose their payment method at checkout. Drive sales, boost loyalty, and simplify your checkout process.

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No-Code / Low Code services

Our low-code service lets you launch your digital lending platform in one week with zero development time.

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Choosing Tendar has been a game-changer for our business. Their KYC/KYB services have made it easy for us to verify customer with confidence. With Tendar, we're not just meeting regulatory requirements; we're doing it efficiently. It's given us peace of mind knowing that we can trust the information we're handling.

Elvis Chuks, CTO, Karla

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